Because Kaufman & Kahn both negotiates agreements and litigates disputes, we draft and negotiate business contracts with an eye towards enforcing them in court if necessary.  We draft model agreements for clients to use on multiple occasions, so they can treat each matter consistently.  We avoid problems by being clear right from the start:  clarifying expectations, avoiding ambiguities, and paying attention to so-called “boilerplate” which can be important in a lawsuit.  We do not accept a term just because another attorney says it’s “standard”.  At Kaufman & Kahn, we draft and negotiate business contracts of all kinds, including

  • Employment and severance agreements
  • Business sale agreements
  • License and royalty agreements
  • Corporate formation documents
  • Partnership, shareholder and LLC operating agreements
  • Software development, web site and maintenance contracts
  • Dissolution (“business divorce”) agreements
  • Loan documents
Hands shaking on a contract.

Deals get done without sacrificing what’s important to the client, and without getting bogged down in minutiae.  Problems are solved — often, before they become problems.