Each of Kaufman & Kahn’s partners brings over 30 years of experience to help clients weigh the costs and benefits of litigation.  Whether to commence or defend against a lawsuit is as much a business decision as a legal one.  We work persistently and persuasively to resolve disputes, by settlement if possible, through trial if not.

As much as one wants to avoid a lawsuit, there comes a time when clients cannot reasonably accept having their rights trampled.  We represent plaintiffs whose contracts are broken, customers are taken, trade secrets are pilfered, and payments aren’t received. We enforce a variety of agreements, intellectual property rights, and judgments from courts within and outside of New York.

We also defend clients, where our goal is to undermine if not eliminate a plaintiff’s allegations.  We protect against claims of intellectual property infringement, unpaid obligations, partnership disputes, breach of contract, fraud, commercial evictions, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations and a host of other accusations.  When available, we assert counterclaims to put the attacker on the ropes, and to give the client an upside in litigation that’s been forced upon them.

Hand playing a round of chess.

At Kaufman & Kahn, we investigate and master the facts, research the applicable law, and build a strategy towards the best possible resolution.   There are at least two sides to everything, and our client’s is the one that should be clear to the judge or jury . We recognize that we, rather than our clients, are in the business of litigating — so we keep them informed of the process and their options.

Kaufman & Kahn litigates in Federal and New York State courts.  We also use arbitration and mediation centers such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and JAMS, located throughout the New York City area, and are admitted to practice in New Jersey, Texas and other jurisdictions on a case-by-case basis.