Maintaining control over content is not guaranteed.  What a client writes, produces, records, visualizes or manufacturesis often what matters most to them and their business.   Without copyright registration, the content provider is flying without a seat belt — unprotected from losing out to knockoffs and imitations.   An author who doesn’t register before infringement, in almost all cases, is barred from the best of those benefits:  statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.  Without those threats, any successful litigation or a swift settlement are much less likely.

And without enforcement, copyright registration is a meaningless right.  The client may own that design, photograph, song or software, but if someone takes it, uses it and profits from it, steps need to be taken so the author profits, as well.  At Kaufman & Kahn, we’re ready to demand compensation and credit on behalf of our client.

A brightly lit lightbulb amongst many dark lightbulbs.

We also defend against claims of copyright infringement.   Sometimes a plaintiff exaggerates its damages, doesn’t own the rights, or makes a claim that simply lacks merit.  So when infringement claims are leveled, we defend or resolve the matter — efficiently and cost-effectively.

Kaufman & Kahn has registered, enforced and defended against infringement claims for a variety of content, including

  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Designs
  • Jewelry
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Mobile Apps
  • Photographs
  • Plays and Screenplays
  • Musical Compositions and Recordings
  • Rug Designs
  • Software
  • Textiles

 …to name only a few.  The variety is as wide as each client’s imagination.