A lease for an office or restaurant or any other commercial space has dozens of pitfalls for the unwary tenant:  hidden additional rent, obligations to cover claims against the landlord, personal guarantees that last longer than the client planned.  And a lease can fail a landlord, as well, if any ambiguity undermines an eviction for failing to pay rent.

We know and pay attention to the details of commercial leases because we litigate them, as well.  Kaufman & Kahn represents commercial landlords and tenants throughout New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.   We’re prepared to enforce commercial leases, or defend against evictions, because real estate is essential to each client’s business.

Kaufman & Kahn also represents buyers and sellers of residential real estate – coops, condos, and houses.  From contract to closing, we cover each transaction thoroughly .

Digital representation of house being built over blueprints.